I am a philosophy professor and bioethicist at Gallaudet University, the world’s only bilingual liberal arts college for deaf, hard of hearing and hearing students. I work in a field I define as deaf philosophy — the space where philosophy intersects with Deaf studies. (The use of upper case Deaf designates the cultural community of signed language users; lower case deaf designates audiological status). I currently serve as the Faculty Administrator for Faculty Development in the Office of the Provost at Gallaudet University. I am also Editor of the Journal of Philosophy of Disability, along with Joel Michael Reynolds.

PLEASE NOTE: As of March 2021, Gallaudet University is revising its website. Faculty information, including contact information, is temporary unavailable. Despite the absence of my presence on the GU website, I am still employed by Gallaudet University as Full Professor of Philosophy in the History, Philosophy, and Religion Department in the School of Arts and Humanities. You can email me at teresa.burke@gallaudet.edu or call the department at 202-448-6918 to leave a message for me.

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Teresa Blankmeyer Burke

Just another deaf academic/advocate/activist blogging about life.

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